Happy Fourth of July

Hope you have a great Independence Day!! Enjoy the beauty of our great county!

Tired Feet - Art Creations by Trish

"Tired Feet" a fun artwork that is being auctioned at soon&tired feet&mode=search&page=1

Art Creations by Trish - October and Its Bewitching Moon

Enjoy the beauty of bewitching full moon, capture the moment of beauty and mystery .  Do you ever feel its impact on your thoughts and how the mystery can make you smile.  Always a reminder of a power greater than ourselves.
October and Its Bewitching Moon - 20x16 Oil

Pond Visitors

Love painting fun paintings with color, nature and wild life.Great to think about the beauty out there when we are running from one obligation to another.  Great for a child's room. "POND VISITORS" 16x20 Oil
A piece I painted based on a familiar dirt road a great place to travel back to when life gets hectic. Traveling a fun road of pickup trucks, dogs, and cousins even if it is just via memory makes me smile regardless of what road I am traveling. Great memories from this dirt road. Pick up trucks, dogs and cousins traveled it with me. I go back there when life gets hectic, it makes me smile.  Hope you have such a place.
"Cooper Road"

20x16 oil

Art Creations by Trish

My blog is about art and my daily journey with painting and enjoying exploring the adventure of creating on canvas.
"Smiling Pink" 7x5 This is my latest.  please see my work on Daily Paintworks and Etsy: